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Becoming A Member

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" (Matthew 18:20). 

Becoming a church member is about our relationship with God and our relationships with each other. With our Christian faith we believe that Jesus reveals what is important about all of our relationships. Shiloh Institutional Baptist Church is not seeking perfect people, only people with a willingness to serve. Below are a few frequently asked questions about becoming a member.

Who can become a member of Shiloh Institutional Baptist Church?

Anyone who has the desire to build a relationship with God.

Why join?

Being a regular attendee at any church is good, however there are several important reasons to join as a member. First, you and the congregation will make commitments to one another of acceptance and affirmation as believers in the Lord Our Savior. Of course, if you are making a first-time profession of faith, your public declaration is an extremely important time for you, your family, and the church. Secondly, you will come under the pastoral care of this church. You will receive from the congregation our commitment to you is that we will do everything possible to support you in your time of emotional, spiritual, or other needs. And third, joining is It is a symbol of your new life as a Christian

How exactly do I join?

You will be presented to the congregation during a worship service of your choice, and have the congregation affirm your decision. We will then have you fill out a card with your contact information. You can also email the pastor at with your intent and information. You will then be scheduled for a New Members Orientation Class.

What are the ways that I can become a member of Shiloh Institutional Baptist Church?

After attending the New Members Orientation class, the next step is profess your faith in Christ as Lord and Savior by one of the following ways:

1) Baptism. This is an act of faith and obedience to the commands of Christ. This is when a person is making their first public profession as a believer, but that you are now making your decision public, requesting baptism and membership.

2) Transfer of Letter. This option can be selected if you are already a member of another church, and are simply wanting to move your membership to Shiloh Institutional Baptist Church.

3) Christian Experience. This option is for those who are not making a first-time profession of faith or transferring membership from another church. New members in this category are simply saying, “they have a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ but I do not have a current church membership and I would like to be a member of Shiloh Institutional Baptist Church **A session with the pastor to discuss spiritual maturity and growth may take place.

Are members expected to give financially to the church?

Yes. Shiloh Institutional Baptist Church, its programs and day-to-day operations, are supported solely by our membership. Your regular financial support as a member is crucial to the church, as well as being a very biblical way of showing your commitment to Christ and His Church. However, we are well aware that sometimes we as people deal with tough financial situations, and we only expect people to give what they can. The goal is 10% (a tithe) of your income, BUT, you would be in good company if you are not able to do this.

Besides financial giving, what is expected of me after I join?

We encourage, but not require, every new member to attend our Sunday School Class or Word on Wednesday Bible Study and/or consider joining a ministry to get involved in the church. Your Christian walk and membership here may be much more fulfilling if you establish a healthy, Christian relationships and find a place where you can use your God-given gifts to help build up His Church and ministries.

I think I’m ready to join. What should I do?

When you’re ready to join, or simply wish to learn more about “why you should join,” you can attend one of our services and come forward when the “doors of the church” are opened or contact Pastor Thompson at You can also be present at our New Members Orientations Class conference line every first Saturday at 12 noon This will give us the opportunity to sit down and talk with you, get to know more about you, and answer your questions. We will also confirm a date for you to come forward and join in the worship service of your choice if you have not done so.

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